Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am sitting here sweating and throbbing. I just finished my workout for the summer challenge. WOW!! It will get your heart pumping, that's for sure. I am really excited about it, I have been sticking to it all week. Except, I was supposed to do a 30 minute walk on Monday and Wednesday, but I did not have time. I just did the workout, which is pretty good for me. My diet has been okay, nothing major. I went to this place last night called Panchero's and had a burrito, then I had ice cream. I'm not going to be too strict on myself, I do really well during the day. Today and tomorrow I work in the evening, so I will do really well. Plus D works this weekend, then next weekend he is away.

Well, that's it for now. I have to go eat breakfast and wash my Pug, then maybe play Sims on WII.

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