Monday, January 26, 2009

For real!?!?

Whoa! I am so excited that I was the biggest loser for the week. That's so cool and It's giving me more motivation for this week.

My weekly WI is Monday, so I weighed today and I'm down 2 pounds. So that's pretty great too.

This week i'm going to concentrate on setting aside time to eat correctly. Since I don't go to work until later today, I'm going to plan my meals for the week. Usually I just pull something together as I head off to work. Which is okay too because all I have to eat is healthy things anyway and i'm too broke to eat out.

I am also going to continue reading "You on a diet" and take a Zumba class on Tuesday. Wish me luck!!

Go Team Lean!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I did really very well this week. Except, I think I didn't eat enough and maybe my body is holding on to the fat. I worked out almost every day this week doing cardio. I did some strength training yesterday and I plan to do more cardio today. But the scale said I gained yesterday and today I'm down 2 pounds from last week. I should be happy about the pounds, and I am, but I was hoping for a little more. Maybe it's the whole "week 2" thing. I did lose a lot of weight last week.

It has been really busy at work this week and next week will be worse. Several times this week I didn't eat dinner and I didn't eat any snacks. Sometimes I only went to the bathroom once in 10 hours. Most of the time I ate:

Oatmeal with FF milk
Chicken with salad
no dinner

My days off I eat better, usually I have Subway for lunch and a good dinner.

I just went and bought a lawn mower and weed eater with my Dad. He helped me mow the grass, man that was a workout. You never realise hgow big your yard is until you mow it.

Now I am headed off to see Val. I think we are going to the gym for latin aerobics and Eliptical!! YAY!!

I am also excited about grocery shopping today!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekly weigh in

Last week I had a gain of 1 pound but when I weighed in this morning I am down 14 pounds from last week's weigh in!! Go team Lynn.

The eating has become pretty automatic for me and the exercise is coming along. Last week I have did some workouts from exercizetv.tv and walked. I also had some help from Valerie on Saturday, she really motivated me to kick it up on the Elipticle. Thanks Val!!

This week I'm going to work out more, drink more water and read You on a Diet.

Good Luck Team!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today was a 6. I went a little off with the food, but I ended up going to the gym and walked with Eva for 30 minutes. I am really glad I just got up and did it. Tomorrow I am taking a YoQi class at the gym and I am really excited about it. YAY!!

That's all for now, I have to go watch Biggest Loser!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Today was great!

Thanks for everyone who posted comments, I never had so many people look at my blog. I usually just ramble on and on endlessly about nothing in particular. Now I have to step it up. : )

Today was great, I ate well (except for a few hershey kisses) and I worked out! I found a website exercisetv.tv and when you sign up you can get workout tips, motivation and even an eating plan. I did a red carpet workout and I'm sure i'll feel it tomorrow. lol! It was great though, I really enjoyed it.

I weighed in and actually gained a pound, but don't worry: next weeks weigh in will be amazing. I promise!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Go team!

I'm on team Lynn! Cool.

Today I did pretty good though I did have 2 cookies from Subway. I am debating weather I should join the wellness center gym. You see, I already have workout equipment in my garage, but I don't like it. I have a treadmill (old) and bike (old, loud, ugly) which are free. The gym however, will give me more motivation because I can see other people doing cardio, they have group fitness (such as: yoga, pilates, yoqi - ti chi & yoga, etc), cardio equipment (such as: elipticle, treadmills, starclimbers, row machine, bikes, etc) but it costs $52/month through payroll deduction (D's job) and it's kinda far from my house. So do I join and spend money or just bite the bullet and do cardio at home? I really want to join. ughhhh. but i know I shouldn't. : (

That's all for now, I'm sleepy....

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