Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am sitting here sweating and throbbing. I just finished my workout for the summer challenge. WOW!! It will get your heart pumping, that's for sure. I am really excited about it, I have been sticking to it all week. Except, I was supposed to do a 30 minute walk on Monday and Wednesday, but I did not have time. I just did the workout, which is pretty good for me. My diet has been okay, nothing major. I went to this place last night called Panchero's and had a burrito, then I had ice cream. I'm not going to be too strict on myself, I do really well during the day. Today and tomorrow I work in the evening, so I will do really well. Plus D works this weekend, then next weekend he is away.

Well, that's it for now. I have to go eat breakfast and wash my Pug, then maybe play Sims on WII.

Monday, May 18, 2009

First Day

Today was the first day of the Summer Weight loss challenge and I got my work out assignment. It was a core workout, which was good because my legs were still sore from my workout on Friday. Today, the assignment had me do crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches and plank. I was also supposed to do a 30 minute walk, but I did not have time. I am excited about the challenge and no matter what, I will do my best to complete all the workout assignments.

My diet was pretty good today.

I had egg beaters for breakfast with ham.
Turkey and ham wrap for lunch with some greens from my garden and a small piece of cornbread.
stir fry for dinner
and a bratworst, and a fudge pop.

Tomorrow my super awesome sister is giving me a fierce new haircut, I'm pretty excited about that. Also, it's Zumba Tuesday!!! I love Zumba.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back again

I have not posted in a while, mostly because I did not have internet until now. But I am back, and still on the mission of weight loss and healthy living. I still do Zumba every Tuesday at 11am and I take a kickboxing class whenever my schedule allows.

I just signed up for a Summer Challenge if anyone is interested:


It's always hard for me to stay motivated during the summer being that it is so hot here, it was 102 on Saturday. So, I am joining the challenge and i will be on my way to losing 50 more pounds!

To be continued!!

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